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Reusable Organic Pads

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Organic Bamboo Menstrual Pads!

These are a sustainable alternative choice to disposable pads!
Made with certified organic bamboo. They are environmentally friendly and healthy for you!
These pads consists of three layers. Bamboo valour as the soft and absorbent layer, PUL for waterproof and a pretty 100% cotton layer.
They are compact, durable and cost effective!

Size of product:
- 7 inches
- Regular: for light to moderate/normal usage

-Rinse after use with cool water and a touch of detergent if needed.
-Machine wash and dry on low with like colors.

Why Bamboo?
-environmentally friendly
-high moisture absorption
-less carbon footprint
-very breathable
-requires only sun and rainwater!

Carefully and consciously handmade with the highest of quality from sunny Florida!